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Be a Guest on the Podcast



The Adventures with Grammy podcast is looking for guests:

1. Children’s authors and book reviewers;

2. Experts on fun activities grandparents and grandchildren will enjoy at home;

3. Experts on fun adventures and road trips grandparents and grandchildren will enjoy for the day, the weekend or week;

4. Experts on big dreams;

5. Experts on stealth learning;

6. Experts on early career exploration;

7. Authors/experts on topics relevant to grandparents;

8. Grandparents who want to share the special activities and adventures they enjoy with their grandchildren;

9. Grandparents who want to share their wisdom; and

10. People of all ages who want to share memories and stories of their grandparents.

Please contact me at

Once we confirm you will be a guest, I will send you my calendar to schedule the exact date and time.

Remember to focus on the grandparent-grandchild relationship. Ideas to consider: How does the activity or adventure strengthen that bond? What lessons can we learn? I am a big proponent of big dreams, stealth learning and early career exploration! 

A few hints when chatting on the podcast!

1.    Relax! We record the podcast to be broadcast at a later date. It is okay to start over. I do it All. The. Time! I am learning to be a good audio editor!

2.    Use the bathroom before the interview.

3.    Drink water before the interview. You will feel more comfortable and your voice/lips won’t sound or feel scratchy. 

4.    Relax. We are having a conversation.

5.    Please avoid distractions. Turn off your incoming sounds; don’t eat or chew gum.

6.    Try to be alone, which is a polite way to ask you to banish all pets and humans to a different part of the house while we are recording.

7.    Avoid coughs, umms, ahhs, yawns, kind of, sort of, you know, if at all possible. Being mindful that you sometimes make these noises helps to minimize them.

8.    Use the best audio possible. If you are using your laptop, please use a USB dynamic microphone or a noise-cancelling headphone with a microphone. If you are using your cellphone, please use earbuds. Otherwise, your voice will fade in and out.

9.    If you are sharing memories and traditions, please don’t ramble. Practice your stories before the interview.

10. The best recording environment is “fluffy.” Avoid rooms with stark, hard surfaces. Go for places that have furnishings that will dampen sounds; a towel across your desk will work wonders. Do NOT call in while sitting/driving/riding in a car. The sound will be awful and it is NOT safe!

11. Please help me promote the podcast. I will let you know when your episode will go live. You can help promote the podcast by letting your family, friends, and colleagues know by posting on your social media and via word of mouth. I will send you a short audiogram!

12. I record the podcast using Zoom – audio only, so you don’t have to worry about your appearance or your background. If  you do not have zoom on your device, please go to and download the app onto your device. Visit this link and this link and this link for more great tips!

13. Please download, complete and return this form to me BEFORE your interview! 

Here’s a great article about being a guest!