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Carolyn Berry is the author and host.

I am an advocate for travel adventures because I believe these experiences provide children opportunities for “stealth” learning and early career exploration … key components of big dreams. 

What do I mean my stealth learning? Learning that takes place when children least expect it! They learn about fractions when baking cookies. They learn about science when baking sourdough bread. They learn about history when visiting a park. The children don’t realize they are learning because they are not sitting at a desk! They are having fun … and the learning sticks.

I am a retired high school teacher. I know first hand the importance of children having a vision for their future. Talking with children as young as five or six years old about their interests and showing them the real world will have a big impact on their education and career goals, and research shows a direct correlation between high school graduation rates and students who begin to explore career options in earnest during middle school.

The Adventures with Grammy Podcast aims to help grandparents answer three important questions:

1. How do I ensure a special place in my grandchild’s heart?
2. What can I do or where can I take my grandchildren that is budget-friendly, fun and educational for all of us?
3. How can I ensure the time we share will become long-lasting memories my grandchildren will cherish forever?


Each episode will feature guest interviews and two segments: Literacy and Adventures or Grandparents

Literacy: Interviews with children’s authors (picture books, middle grade, and young adult) or book reviews.

Adventures: Fun activities to do at home or road trip adventures for the day, weekend or longer!

Grandparents: Grandparent Wisdom (directly from grandparents who would like to be guests); Grandparent Memories (directly from listeners who would like to share memories of their grandparents) and Grandparent Topics (information important about and for grandparents).

Our hope at Adventures with Grammy LLC is grandparents always will hold special places in their grandchildren’s hearts, and when grandparents are memories grandchildren, even those who were too young to remember each activity they enjoyed with their grandparents, always will remember how much their grandparents loved them. 




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