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An Introduction to the Adventures with Grammy Podcast

Welcome to the Adventures with Grammy Podcast.

A podcast for grandparents on-the-go with their grandkids!

I am your host, Carolyn Berry

This podcast is for grandparents who want to hold special places in their grandchildren’s hearts and for parents who want to ensure loving relationships across the generations.

I have six reasons for this project: Those reasons are my six grandchildren … Gavin, Cain, Channing, Hunter, Scarlett and Juliet. I want them to dream big!

I am an advocate for travel adventures because I believe these experiences provide children opportunities for “stealth” learning and early career exploration … key components of big dreams.

What do I mean my stealth learning? Learning that takes places when children least expect it! They learn about fractions when baking cookies. They learn about science when baking sourdough bread. They learn about history when visiting a park. The children don’t realize they are learning because they are not sitting at a desk! They are having fun … and the learning sticks.

When our children were young, my late husband and I took them on adventures. History came alive for them … they visited the White House and the Capitol; they saw the grist mill at Mount Vernon and money being printed at the Bureau of Engraving and Printing. They learned history, geography and science.

I want to give my grandchildren those same experiences … and I want to help other grandparents do likewise.

How can we expect our grandchildren to dream big if we don’t help them know what is possible for their adult lives?

I am a retired high school teacher. I know first hand the importance of children having a vision for their future. Talking with children as young as five or six years old about their interests and showing them the real world will have a big impact on their education and career goals.

Research shows a direct correlation between high school graduation rates and students who begin to explore career options in earnest during middle school.

One of the adventures my grandchildren and I enjoyed was a visit to a chocolate factory. As we were leaving, one of my grandsons announced he planned to be a chocolatier when he grows up. Until that day he didn’t even know the word chocolatier, or that it was a career!

Another grandson told his brother as they were leaving Dave & Busters that he wanted to work there when he grew up. His brother retorted, “You don’t want to work there, you want to OWN it!”

Adventures definitely give children opportunities to DREAM BIG!

In addition to stealth learning and career exploration, the Adventures with Grammy podcast aims to help grandparents answer three important questions:

1. How do I ensure a special place in my grandchild’s heart?

2. Where can I take my grandchildren that is budget-friendly, fun and educational for all of us?

3. How can I ensure the good times we share will become long-lasting memories my grandchildren will cherish forever?

I have structured the podcasts as seasons. 

Each episode will feature guest interviews and three segments:

1. Children’s book reviews and/or interviews with children’s authors; 

2. Fun activities to do at home with grandchildren and/or road trip adventures (day, weekend, or week-long) by geographic region; and

3. Memories of Our Grandparents

We also will look at the grandparent experience. What is it like to be a grandparent in 2021? How has grandparenting changed since you were a child? How have grandparents changed? What are the expectations for today’s grandparents?

We will discuss the importance of the grandparent-grandchild relationship. What does the research say? How has COVID-19 impacted grandparenting?

How can grandparents influence a child’s education? Why is early career exploration important?

Each of the seasons will focus on a geographic region of the United States and will highlight fun, budget-friendly venues with activities grandparents and grandchildren and parent will enjoy.

We will begin on the east coast and travel westward …

Our hope at Adventures with Grammy LLC is grandparents always will hold special places in their grandchildren’s hearts, and when grandparents are memories grandchildren, even those who were too young to remember each activity they enjoyed with you, always will know how much you loved them.

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Until then … enjoy the upcoming holidays and let your family know how much you love them!