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Episode 80. Audio Theater Entertains Young & Old

Welcome to Episode 80 of the Adventures with Grammy Podcast. I am your host, Carolyn Berry.

Sarah Beth Goncarova is today’s guest. She is an American writer, composer and visual artist known for poetry, children’s adventure novels, and writing for film and television.

Her company, CLAY GROUSE KIDS, is a groundbreaking indie press and animation studio that specializes in creating books, read-aloud videos, and audiobooks that inspire creativity and curiosity.

Its mission is to help all children, including emerging and reluctant readers, become better readers by creating books that kids want to read, see, and hear over and over again!

Her webtoon series is “Adventures with Abba, and her children’s chapter books are “The Secret Code of the Heartbeat Drum” and “The Curious Case of the Creepy Cave.” Her children’s picture book, “Super Sleuth,” will be available for preorder next month. Her book “Harnessing Light” won the 2020 N.N. Light Award for Poetry. Sarah tells her books through her website and offers signed copies.

As a visual artist, Sarah has been the grant recipient of the Puffin Foundation and Barbara Deming Memorial Fund. Her visual work can be found in the digital archines worldwide, including at Danube University in Austria, the Brooklyn Museum, and Rutgers University Special Collections. She has been a practicing visual artist for more 20 years.

She graciously shared with us the audio version of her book: The Curious Case of the Creepy Cave, which we will broadcast for you today. Gather your grandchildren around. You are in for a delightful treat!

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Let’s give Sarah a hearty welcome!

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Episode 73. The Cool Grandpa Visits with Grammy

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Welcome to the Adventures with Grammy Podcast. I am your host, Carolyn Berry.


My guest for Episode 73 is Greg Payne, the host of the Cool-Grandpa podcast. At 48, Greg learned he soon would become a grandfather. He felt a bit panicky. He didn’t know a thing about being a grandfather, so he asked questions and embarked on a journey to build a community for grandfathers. I began our conversation by asking him about his podcast.

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Episode 58. Positive Messages are Critical to Raising Healthy Children


Ivy Butler loves to snap photographs. He’s done so since his children were little, and he is continuing that tradition with his grandchildren. You can view those images on his Instagram site @thegrandfatherdiary. He and his wife were foster parents to numerous children and adopted the last five, which makes him and his wife the parents of seven children and the grandparents of 13.

The Butler Family is of mixed race and experiences challenges many grandparents face: lack of contact with children and grandchildren, long-distance grandparenting, and grandchildren living with grandparents.

Ivy cherishes his family and enjoys the times with them life affords. Part of his handling life’s challenges so graciously comes through being a certified life coach. He says neuroscience has proven one can rewire his or her brain and change one’s life with new input. Listen to his joy of being a grandfather, the impact Earl Nightingale had on his life, and Ivy’s mission to help others learn the value of positive self-talk and the necessity of positive talk with children.


Ivy Butler (@thegrandfatherdiary) • Instagram photos and videos

Ivy Butler (@ivybutlerofficial) • Instagram photos and videos


Ivy Butler | Facebook

References made during the interview:

The Strangest Secret by Earl Nightingale (quality recording) – YouTube

Dr. Shad Helmstetter

The Help

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Episode 54. Storytelling


The Adventures with Grammy Podcast is pleased to welcome Storyteller Debra Weller, a creative performance artist using oral tradition storytelling, puppets and music to engage her audiences and students.

Debra began her career as a Storyteller more than forty years ago in New Jersey as part of the Annie Lynn Storytellers. They performed in schools, libraries, festivals and the Philadelphia Folk Festival. After a move to California, she helped to form the non-profit, South Coast Storytellers Guild. In California, she led storytelling camps, after school storytelling clubs, performed at schools, libraries and festivals as well as teaching kindergarten for thirty years.

She was the Storyteller in Residence at the Getty Museum in Los Angeles for six months. Her favorite character is Mrs. Santa Storyteller. Three years ago, she moved to Florida and has served as the president of the Tale Tellers of St. Augustine and on the Board of Directors of the Florida Storytelling Association. Debra has taught workshops from docent training to teacher professional development. Storytelling has taken her to China, Vietnam, and Scotland.

During the past two years, Debra has been presenting at international, virtual conferences and storytelling concerts. Her presentations deliver quality professional development and entertainment. In June 2021, she presented a workshop, Storytelling the Heart of the Curriculum for Early Childhood Development Forum and was a speaker at the Sphere of Influence Forum.

She provides voice overs for the Magic Polygon Storytelling App and is a frequent guest teller on Basket of Talez podcast. She offers online education and virtual coaching on her web site: and her YouTube channel. She is driven by a personal philosophy to provide valuable, educational experiences and performances for children and adults to bring stories alive!

949-295-7634 @debstoryteller
@debstoryteller Instagram

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