Episode 58. Positive Messages are Critical to Raising Healthy Children


Ivy Butler loves to snap photographs. He’s done so since his children were little, and he is continuing that tradition with his grandchildren. You can view those images on his Instagram site @thegrandfatherdiary. He and his wife were foster parents to numerous children and adopted the last five, which makes him and his wife the parents of seven children and the grandparents of 13.

The Butler Family is of mixed race and experiences challenges many grandparents face: lack of contact with children and grandchildren, long-distance grandparenting, and grandchildren living with grandparents.

Ivy cherishes his family and enjoys the times with them life affords. Part of his handling life’s challenges so graciously comes through being a certified life coach. He says neuroscience has proven one can rewire his or her brain and change one’s life with new input. Listen to his joy of being a grandfather, the impact Earl Nightingale had on his life, and Ivy’s mission to help others learn the value of positive self-talk and the necessity of positive talk with children.


Ivy Butler (@thegrandfatherdiary) • Instagram photos and videos

Ivy Butler (@ivybutlerofficial) • Instagram photos and videos


Ivy Butler | Facebook

References made during the interview:

The Strangest Secret by Earl Nightingale (quality recording) – YouTube

Dr. Shad Helmstetter

The Help

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