Episode 84. What is Pickleball & Can I Play it with My Grandchildren?

Carl Landau, the co-author of Pickleball for Dummies, says the sport has a world-wide, multigenerational following, with more than 5 million players and counting.

Playing pickleball is fun way to meet fun-loving people and put an extra pep in your step … all in the name of having more energy for your grandchildren and even playing a game or two with them.

What is pickleball? Carl says it looks a lot like tennis on a miniature court with much less running, which is great if your knees don’t like that sort of thing. Playing pickleball is a safe option for getting more fresh air and definitely way more fun than using an elliptical at the gym.

Carl is with us today to explain why people love to play pickleball, how and where to play, and the proper body mechanics for safe and effective play. He also will explain the fine art of “dinking.”

Please join me in welcoming Carl to the podcast!

Carl Landau
Co-Author, Pickleball for Dummies book
Pickleball Media / I Used to be Somebody Podcast



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