Episode 68. Help Your Children Discover the Wonders of Art Museums

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Episode 68 is a rebroadcast of Episode 12 of the Adventures with Grammy Podcast. This episode features Mehreen Tenvir, who is known as Mom at the Museum on Instagram.

This rebroadcast is timely because museums across the United States are opening their doors once again and welcoming visitors despite the ongoing threat of COVID.

A former docent for the Hirshhorn Museum in Washington, D.C., Mehreen Tanvir shows us how to turn trips to museums into enjoyable learning adventures for children and adults. She carries a “bag of wonders” with her when she and her children visit a museum, and she reinforces the art they view by reading children’s books written about artists and their art. She says there is a strong correlation between art, music and children’s literature. They also says museum gift shops are her children’s favorite stops.

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