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Episode 26. Strokes: learn how to minimize your risks and become your own healthcare advocate

Episode 26
July 1, 2021

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Marcia Moran was a healthy, athletic, and successful entrepreneur who never considered one day she might suffer from a stroke. But she did 7 years ago, and it was devastating. Although she is at almost full recovery, Marcia is not satisfied and continues to work toward a 100 percent recovery.

She has written about her journey back to physical fitness in her book Stroke Forward: How to Become Your Own Healthcare Advocate … One Step at a Time.

It is a beautifully written tribute to her determination and grit, her husband’s abundant love for her, and a message of hope for the rest of us.

Listen as Marcia shares her inspirational story of how she relearned to walk and talk and what she is doing to help others impacted by strokes.

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From Marcia:

When you buy the book Stroke FORWARD: How to Become Your Own Healthcare Advocate . . .One Step at a Time, you deserve a special bonus give to accompany the book. So I’ve created a special Stroke FORWARD Toolkit for you.

The toolkit contains:

• A list of my Top 12 Tips for Recovery that you may want to print out and save for yourself. You may also want to give the Top 12 Tips for Recovery to your friends and family. People need to understand where you are coming from now.

• Resources. I had a hard time finding resources. They were available; figuring out how to use the keyboard was almost beyond me. Here are a few gems that you and your caregiver may find interesting.

• Videos done with my physical therapist showing right-side and left side movement. Getting better requires a lot of small muscle movements. These videos show how we did it.