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Episode 67. Unconditional Love: Rescues and Adopting Children from Difficult Places

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Today’s guest is Denise Gruzensky, the author of Not Like the Others: Harley’s Story, the first book in her series “Life Lessons from Fur Friends.”

Harley’s story is one of unconditional love … the story of rescue and adoption … and the story of living with diabetes. A family nurse practitioner, Densie, who has a passion for rescues, also is a mom to four little humans. Her forever family through adoption started when she rescued Harley.

Before I welcome Denise to the podcast, I need to update you about my family. I mentioned a few episodes ago my mother has been diagnosed with vascular dementia. I had realized she was becoming more forgetful, but I shrugged it off because she is 89 years old, and I figured her forgetfulness was part of the aging process. Unfortunately, it is much more serious. I am devastated for my mother. Within the past year her primary care doctor had declared Mom the picture of health. He had predicted she would live past 100 years old. I never ever suspected my mother might one day receive this diagnosis.

I recently drove to South Carolina to spend time with my mother and help her put a few things into place, and I plan to spend more time with her. I love my mother very much and want her to live the happiest and most stress-free life possible. I have decided to pause my podcast for a short while. My plan is to remix earlier episodes with new introductions and to continue to interview guests. I just cannot commit right now to new episodes for the next several weeks.

I am so very thankful for each person who has listened to the podcast. You have helped the podcast grow and you have helped me grow personally. Thank you!

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Enjoy my conversation with Denise!

Denise’s Dish – Dishing family & dog life. (denisegruzensky.com)

Not Like the Others: Harley’s Story by Denise Gruzensky

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