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Episode 24. Silly YaYa finds inspiration from her family

Violet Favero has nine granddaughters! No grandsons! Lots of glitter and bows when the girls visit their grandparents.

The medical administrator turned children’s picture book author/illustrator gathers inspiration for her stories from her every day life … her immigrant grandfather, her family’s Sunday dinner tradition, her brother … who one granddaughter thinks lives at the zoo …. and more!

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Episode 23. Dyslexia: A Special Kind of Smart

Show notes:

Our guests have first-hand experience with dyslexia. Tricia Cook embraces her gift of dyslexia. She has learned strategies to help her brain compensate for its learning differences, and she teaches others how to learn effectively.

Our second guest is Tracy Peterson, a veteran teacher who along with her former student, Sloane LeFrance, wrote Cartwheels: Finding Your Special Kind of Smart, a lively look at a real student who would rather do cartwheels than read because reading frustrates her.