Episode 25: Are you a modern-day grandparent? Do you celebrate Gorgeous Grandmothers’ Day?

Episode 25: Are you a modern-day grandparent? Do you celebrate Gorgeous Grandmothers’ Day?

Guests: Suzette Perez-Tate and Anissa Delaluz

The Book
Created by Suzette Perez-Tate and co-authored by Anisa Delaluz, The Grands is a children’s book series intended to break stereotypes of what it means to be a grandparent in the 21st century. Today’s Grand is active, career-minded, stylish, and tech-savvy while still maintaining the age-old essence of being a grandparent. This series will also feature the role Great Grandparents, Great Aunts & Uncles have in a child’s life. Many stories will be told focusing on these intergenerational relationships showcasing a diverse variety of families. The series hopes that many families will see themselves as they read the many adventures of the Grands and their grandchildren!

Suzette Perez Tate is a modern-day grandmother from Southern California. She and her husband have a blended family and share five children, 5 grandchildren and a black Labrador named Bentley Boo.

Suzette and her granddaughter Charlotte share a special bond. One of the activities they enjoy together is reading. Suzette noticed right away that none of the books she was reading reflected their relationship. For starters, the grandmothers in the stories did not look like her, act like her and many times they were sick or dying, so after working in the telecommunications industry for almost 30 years, she decided to add the title children’s book author to her credentials and create a series of books that reflect modern day grandparents.

Her co-author is Anisa Delaluz, a post-production manager in the film and television industry. The mother of two sons, she hopes if she becomes a grandmother, she will live up to the standards set by her own super-hero grandmothers.


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