Episode 88. Little Ones Enjoy Personalized E-books

Michelle Booth is the founder and CEO of Make Momentos, LLC, a tech startup whose mission is to offer adults an easy-to-use platform to create keepsake e-books for the children in their lives.

Booth has been helping people tell their stories for more than 25 years. She has experience ghostwriting nonfiction manuscripts for a variety of clients including a former White House staffer in the Nixon and Ford administrations, prominent businesspeople and retirees wanting to preserve their stories for future generations.

Booth was selected to edit the memoir of a former NBA basketball player. She has written profiles on a state senator and a winner of NBC’s “The Biggest Loser” for Oklahoma Sports & Fitness Magazine and was a regular contributor to the publication.

Prior to her work in the publishing industry, she worked with companies in a variety of industries on their strategic marketing efforts.

Booth relocated to South Florida with her husband in 2012. She founded Make Momentos, LLC in 2021. Her vision for the company is an extension of the work she does as a ghostwriter: to connect families through the power of storytelling.








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