Episode 55: A Chat with Author/Illustrator Dori Durbin



My guest for Episode 55 is author/illustrator Dori Durbin.  Her book series is titles Little Cat Feelings. She has published two picture books in that series: “Little Cat Needs Space” and “Little Cat Feels Left Out.” She will release her third book, a chapter book titled, “Little Cat & Dog’s Birthday Bake: A Recipe in Caring,” February 2, 2022.

The former teacher and fitness instructor lives in Michigan with her husband, son, daughter, three pampered indoor cats, and her old Great Dane.

A few days before our conversation, the Durbins were in Florida for her daughter’s soccer tournament. Before we talked about her books, Dori and I chatted about the trip.

Dori Durbin  https://doridurbin.com

Instagram: https://instagram.com/dori_durbin

Dori Durbin, Author & Illustrator (facebook.com)

Dori Durbin (Author of Little Cat Needs Space) (goodreads.com)

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