Episode 50. My Country Cousins: a chapter book series for ages 6-10

Welcome to the Adventures with Grammy podcast. I’m your host, Carolyn Berry. Today my guests are Heather and Quinn, the mother and daughter writing team who uses the pen name Heather N. Quinn. They live in Canada, the setting for their newly released book series, My Country Cousins.
The first book in the series is Journey to Juniper Junction
The second book in the series, Adventures at Almosta Farm, will be available next month.
Contact Information:

Email: hello@heathernquinn.com



https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100065375386968 ok

Mail: Babblegarden Publishing Ltd.,

PO Box 58, Navan Stn. Main, Navan, ON, Canada

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Heather was born in Scotland but grew up on a hobby farm in Ontario. In 1990, Heather, her husband, and their daughter Quinn moved to a village in England near the city of Chester, the hometown of their main character, Gemma Merriman.
The family returned to Canada when Quinn was ten years old and thoroughly English, which made adjusting to life in Canada a wee bit trying. However, Quinn says, that personal experience makes it easy for her to identify with Gemma’s feelings.
Join Heather, Quinn and me as we discuss Gemma’s quest for adventure and independence.
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