Episode 47. Amazing Ways to Research Your Family Tree and Write Your Personal History

Episode 47. Amazing Ways to Research Your Family Tree and Write Your Personal History

In honor of Thanksgiving Day, Sharlene Habermeyer and I chat about genealogy and the importance of knowing your ancestors. She tells us how she and her husband began their research and how much easier discovering the leaves of your family tree is today with information posted online.

Sharlene and her husband of 44 years, Mark, were blessed with five sons and 13 grandchildren. They know the joys of parenting and grandparenting and the gut-wrenching emotions of losing their fourth son to a brain disorder.

She wrote the book, Good Music Brighter Children that has been translated into five languages. She taught college for 10 years and founded the Palos Verdes Regional Symphony Orchestra in Southern California that is still going strong.

I mention I have written a family history book for my grandchildren. It is available for sale on my Etsy Shop. The title of the book is My Family Tree. It a journal for children to use as they begin to discover the facts about their living relatives and their deceased ancestors. The link is in the show notes. Be sure visit my Twitter account for a discount code.

 My Family Tree, a child’s introduction to genealogy


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Amazing Ways to Research Your Ancestry Family Tree with Grandkids



10 Meaningful Gratitude Thanksgiving Activities for Kids & Grandkids:



Strange Trees: And the Stories Behind Them by Bernadette Pourquie and Cecile Gambini







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