Episode 22. Positive Kids Today: The Hand Hug

Welcome to the podcast episode that highlights the works of PositiveKidsToday.com — a website filled with books, apps, programs and resources developed to support the emotional and mental wellbeing of children.

Niki Spears and Brandi Pillow, a mother and daughter team, aim to help young children develop positive attitudes about themselves and their worlds. Niki, a mother of three girls and a former educator, understands the way in which children see themselves can impact their successes with building strong trusting relationships. Niki knows that struggle, so she and Brandi provide young children with strategies to support their embracing a healthy mindset!

To accomplish that goal, my guest today, Niki Spears, the author of a series of books inspired by her granddaughter Baelor, joins me today to discuss her first two books The Hand Hug and Kindness Is Contagious Too!

The Hand Hug is a sweet story about Baelor, a little girl who is experiencing worrisome thoughts and doesn’t know how to transform them. She is starting a new school and feeling anxious about whether her classmates will like her and if she will make new friends. Suddenly, she discovers The Hand Hug and it changes her life!

Kindness is Contagious Too! helps Baelor and her classmates cope with school being closed because of the pandemic. Ms. Thomas, Baelor’s teacher, challenges students to come up with a plan to help fight the virus while they’re home. The children learn that kindness is just as contagious as the virus!

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