5. Gratitude, Valentine Activities, Grandparent Groups and Traditions


Research shows that people who are grateful are healthier and happier than those who complain. Natalie Chodniewicz, author of Popcorn Thanks, provides listeners with a sweet children’s book that teaches the importance of being grateful.



Sharlene Habermeyer, author of the book Good Music Brighter Children, writes a weekly blog, Good Parenting Brighter Children, and shares her 40+ years of swimming in the delightful (and sometimes shark-infested) waters of parenthood.

She shows parents and grandparents how to
1. teach little ones to love and cherish the discovery of something new, yet difficult;
2. nurture a child’s wonder and curiosity;
3. build confidence and intellect using music, books, family traditions, and good nutrition; and
4. create life-long learners.

In this episode, she shares with grandparents and parents activities that will make Valentine’s Day special.


Two of my grandsons visited the farm this weekend. We made the “Picasso Hands” described in this segment. I interviewed the two boys and share their thoughts about the activity.


John Chan is the administrator of the Facebook group, A Place for Grandparents. He discusses Internet safety and shares traditions of his Chinese heritage.

A Place for Grandparents

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